Maharashtra Gateway in Mumbai, India. Photo by Shridhar Amati
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A quick expedition to Mumbai made worth-while, courtesy KeysMe!


Mumbai as a destination has always attracted vivid travellers from all across the globe making it one of the most visited cities of India. Commonly known as the “City of dreams”, stands true to its name with its bustling markets, nightlife, lip-smacking delicacies, stunning colonial architecture and it is gorgeous beachfront. Visiting this fast-paced city has always been a charming experience for any kind of traveller. Be it sitting in the wide-long Marine Drive to gaze sunrise/sunsets, or be it heading to age-old Parsi cafes to sip some tea or simply admiring the architecture of buildings such as Gateway of India or famous Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus. In short, this city does all beholds abundance of hidden treasures to make your visit a worthy one.  


Having talked about what city of Mumbai is all about next comes the necessitates of travel. Any kind of travel is incomplete having not clicked some snippets of memories of the places visited or experiences had. This is where the quirky KeysMe app comes handy for a delightful travel photography experience. In days scenario, there may be many social-media travel-oriented apps, however, none of them is quite like KeysMe. With my personal experience, I can confidently say that my quick detour to Mumbai was an exhilarating experience with KeysMe app on my iPhone. Wondering how? Worry not, read through to know more.


The photo-sharing feature of the KeysMe app has a lot to offer to be first-time travelers or frequent ones. Having said it all, it is quite overwhelming as to where, to begin with, while we talk about its pluses. Using the feature of photo-sharing in the KeysMe app of my iPhone was able to click amazing snaps of destinations and the alluring fact of it all was that it was able to tag the location of the snap. Thus, making it easy to find while re-calling your experiences. The travel community of the app has the option of shortlisting world-wide collection of best pictures of the destinations. Thanks to this travel community of KeysMe, one can explore famous Juhu beach or other named beaches of Mumbai with knowledge of perfect spots or drop-ins. Not only does this app talk about destinations of the visit but also one can come across hidden places to eat or sip some coffee, all due to the travel community by photo-sharing. Mumbai is the hub for food indulgences, from local eateries to fine dining it has an extensive list to devour in. Also, sometimes it may be hard to track down the iconic age-old eateries such as K Rustom or Britannia & Co for food experiences in Mumbai. However, KeysMe photo-sharing feature in your iPhone can be fruitful in such cases.


Not only does it limit with its photo-sharing ability to your iPhone but also extends in provisions other dynamics to ease your travel. How? The answer is its voice and text language translation feature in over 20 languages to help overcome communications barriers and its hotel & rental finder to help you find a good place to stay. To sum it all, what could be a better wholesome experience on the screen of your iPhone for your travel than KeysMe. Be it Mumbai or any other destination, bag your bags, download KeysMe to your iPhone, and whizz away. Or simply looking out for idea to your next travel, KeysMe will be your true travel partner in all your pre and post adventures.


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