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Introducing New KeysMe Travel Photo Sharing Feature

When we first created the KeysMe app for iOS, we built it with the intent to help travelers connect with hotels and hosts without language getting in the way. By removing those language barriers, we’ve liberated your travels. And now, we’ve taken it to the next level by adding a new photo-sharing feature.

While photo sharing does give you the opportunity to engage socially with other travelers, hotels, restaurants, and places of business, it adds another element of assistance when you’re miles away from home. Often, we look for what’s familiar. It’s how we know we’ve arrived at home.

When you’re visiting another country, home is far away. But soon, you start to recognize the things nearby the place you’re staying and familiarity grows. We wanted travelers using the KeysMe app for iPhone to be able to connect visually with the photos they see to know they’ve found their way.

Whether you hope you’re on the right street to find your hotel, you’ve found a restaurant with the incredible food you’ve got to spread the word about, or you simply want to show off that sunset over the sea, the KeysMe app makes it even easier to snap photos and post them in real-time.

With our new travel photo feature, you can share all your favorite photos with the community. You can also browse photos of locations to see what inspires you for your next day’s adventure. Find places to eat or grab a coffee, or the perfect spot on the beach, all thanks to travel photos posted by the community. It’s easy to like photos too simply by scrolling up and down on a photo. You can review the photos you liked and make it your mission to stop in those same places.

The KeysMe app for iOS provides voice translation in over 20 languages too so no matter who you connect with during your travels, you’ll be able to communicate. There’s no need to fumble through other apps or pull out a book of phrases to ask locals where to go or how to get there. Our intuitive app gives you all these handy features while making it fun so you can explore freely wherever you go.

With our GPS feature, your photos will be marked too so you won’t have to try to explain where you saw something to someone else nor will you struggle to remember if you want to go back. You’ll be able to find your way flawlessly.

When you’re ready to adventure again, there’s a great big world out there with beautiful sights to behold. The KeysMe app makes it even easier to indulge your wanderlust and document your travels in every corner of the world. Download it today!



5/16/2020    2880    
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