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Navigate Work in China with an App That Makes Mandarin a Snap!

In European countries, it’s very common to speak multiple languages. In fact, according to statistics from 2016, over 80% of working-age adults in the European Union knew at least one other language than their own native tongue. In the United States, many people learn Spanish at an early age and have the option to pick up on other languages in higher grades.


Once the options were merely Spanish, French, and German, but American schools are going global trends by offering Mandarin as one of the languages to study. Decades ago, this was not the case, but Mandarin is indeed the most spoken language in the world. 


Despite it now being more readily offered for study, Mandarin is a mystifying language. Even languages that look complex like Korean and Japanese have alphabets. Mandarin Chinese is a language that revolves around the memorization of characters that are more or less like pictographs. Even for the Chinese on the mainland themselves, not everyone knows every character out there.


Speaking it is far easier with the use of pinyin.  This can help you learn a few key phrases before you visit China on business or even take on a coveted ESL teaching position like “Ni hao,” which means “hello,” or “Xishoujian zai nali?” for “Where is the bathroom?”


Of course, a phrase book will only get you so far when you’re off to the Middle Kingdom. That’s where can help you the most. This app helps connect travelers, hosts, and guides despite the language obstacles that may arise between them, effortlessly allowing you to make plans with those that only speak or read Mandarin without any misunderstanding.


That’s an especially handy feature when you need to head to China on business. While the big cities do offer services in English, it can be harder to connect with the people you need. Plus, it makes handling the details simplified without the need for a go-between to help. Efficiency in business is always appreciated on both sides.


If you run your own company, trying to bring your business to global partners in China will be so much easier if you can arrange your own lodgings and cement plans with guides to explore the area while you’re there. For ESL teachers though, your time in China will likely be lengthier. Most schools require you to stay in contract for a minimum of one year.


While schools generally have a liaison that can speak English, working out the particulars via the app can help tremendously by eliminating the potential for miscommunication. You can ask the questions you want and get those answers translated immediately in English. For those you’re communicating with, translates your English into Mandarin.


Whatever the reason you venture to China, you’ll find the app’s GPS features to be invaluable as well. No more wandering around hoping you’ve found the place. And should you get lost, you can always use the app to translate in real time, making it a cinch to get anywhere you need to be. With the ability to personalize your stay no matter the duration, is a must-have app that will help you navigate your way through China with absolute ease so you can focus on having an enriching experience.


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