Trip to south of India-Kerala
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Trip to south of India-Kerala made local courtesy KeysMe!!


Kerala, popularly known as God’s own country is year-round flooded with tourists from all across the globe. And visiting this destination with KeysMe surely stood out. As a popular saying goes “When in Rome do as the Romans do” is what the KeysMe app sits on. Want to know how? read along to know. As we know visiting places covering South of India can be a tricky affair on its language restrictions especially if you look out for some local experiences. However, thanks to KeysMe, it helped me do Kerala the way locals do, amazing, isn’t it? Kerala as a destination has always attracted all kinds of travellers, be it honeymooners, spiritual seekers or adventure enthusiast to people looking for simple rejuvenation, it has it all. As far as experiences are concerned, beginning from lazing around in the backwaters in its traditional houseboats, spend some time soaking in the beauty of historical fort of Kochi,      diving into the natural landscape of hill station such as Munar, or if you are a wildlife freak then Kerala has an abundance of wildlife to keep you busy. Of course, the main reason for tourism in Kerala is its Ayurvedic Spas for a traditional spa treatment along with its rich culture and food indulgences. In short, Kerala can keep you wanting to come back again and again.


Although Kerala is the most intellectual States of India and people do understand and speak English. However, the local experience of the place can be a hindrance due to its local language and that is where the language translation feature of KeysMe comes handy. From reading signages to interacting with locals or simply looking out for some local experiences this real-time voice-over-text language translation feature of KeysMe in the phone can work wonders.  Looking out to indulge in its local delicacies, this app shall help you choose and enjoy better. Or whether looking out to interact with the locals whilst you stay in their heritage homestays to enjoy the destination at its fullest. Last but not the least want to do some souvenir shopping in its local markets then what better way to haggle then to know a few local phrases. As we all know Kerala is also famous for its heritage art and culture wherein KeysMe can come handy to understand and have a more regional experience.


KeysMe does not limit itself to language translation solely but extends to varied other functions making your travel a wholesome experience. It comes with a photo-sharing feature in its travel community to look out for experiences or simple share your picture-perfect with the world. Also, it comes with instant tagging of the location to help revisit memories easily. Its travel community also gives a platform to interact with like-minded travellers. This amazing app also comes along with hotel or rental finder attribute for easy accommodation search for your travel destination.


To keep it short, KeysMe is a true travel companion in fingertips away. I must say my visit to Kerala stood out courtesy language translation of KeysMe which made me surely go local. Hence wait no more, download this app in your phone and get travelling this holiday season.


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