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Visiting Japan with Assistance from Language Keysme App for Translation


Japan is high on lots of people’s travel wish lists and it isn’t hard to see why. Its intriguing mix of the ancient and traditional with the high-tech and modern enthrals all visitors who make their way to the Land of the Rising Sun. Its culture is also completely unique, meaning visitors get the chance to experience a country which is like no other. From the bright neon lights of Tokyo through the ancient temples of Kyoto to the awe-inspiring scenery of Mount Fuji, there’s enough in Japan to keep travellers happy for months on end.


That being said, Japan can be a destination which flags up inconveniences for many travellers, particularly when it comes to language. Although English is becoming more and more prevalent in Japan, with more citizens choosing to learn the language and English being a compulsory language in junior and senior high schools, it’s still hard to come across many Japanese people who are fully conversant in English. If you travel to Japan, you may find that you don’t come across many people who have the ability to communicate in the English language. That’s where comes in. It makes translating from one language to another extremely easy, meaning no more resorting to hand gestures and pointing at maps to make yourself understood.


There are a number of situations where this translation function could come in handy in Japan. Perhaps when you arrive at your accommodation, your host doesn’t know too much English and you don’t have a word of Japanese in your vocabulary. Using the app will break down all communication barriers so checking in and receiving the all-important information regarding your accommodation and the local area from your host will be a cinch. Or maybe you are busy sightseeing and decide to stop for a bite to eat, and the place you’ve chosen doesn’t have an English menu. You can then also use the app to help you order. Of course, meeting new people is a huge part of the travel experience for many, so if you happen to meet locals in a bar or restaurant and want to strike up a conversation, the app allows you to do just that.


But isn’t just useful for translation. There are a number of other features you can make use of to help you with the planning of your trip to Japan. One of the key functions of the app is to connect travellers with a vast array of hotels and private home rentals. The most important advantage of this is that travellers are dealing directly with the property owners. This way, there are no increase in prices to cover administration charges to third party organisations. It’s a win-win situation: the traveller gets the best deal for their stay and the property owner gets to keep their money.


Travel is all about experiencing the culture of the country you’re travelling in, and there’s no better way to do this than take local tours and get acquainted with local people. As well as plenty of accommodation options, also has a wide variety of tours and local services to choose from. Whether you’re looking to discover more of the history of the place you’re visiting by taking a local guided tour, whether you want to sample some of the amazing cuisine Japan has to offer, or if you want to get off the beaten track and explore some of the more unknown places in the country, the app can help you find a suitable tour for your needs and interests.   


Converting currencies can be confusing at the best of times, but can be even more so in Japan. This is because the exchange rate for the British pound, the American dollar and the Euro run into three figures when converted into Japanese yen, making working out how much something costs quite mind-boggling. However, the app can help you with this as well. With just a couple of clicks you can find out the exact exchange rate for that day, making purchases so much simpler. is the perfect app for travellers heading to Japan. In just one place you can store your accommodation bookings, find trips to enhance your vacation, meet new people and communicate effectively with everyone you come into contact with. With all of this at your fingertips, travelling to Japan becomes an even more satisfying and enjoyable experience.



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