Blue emOcean Resort & Dive Center

Breakaway and discover a pristine paradise island, only 45 scenic minutes away from the small town of Sumbawa Besar. Right on the beach, in the middle of the wilderness, lies the pittoresque resort, Blue emOcean. A place, designed to combine the accommodation of a luxurious holiday, with the marvel of raw, untouched, savage nature. Our resort has 5 spacious rooms and 1 large beach cottage, only for a few fortunate guests. Each one of them has it’s own private terrace and benefits from air conditioning and hot water. All lodgings are equipped with desks for your laptops and various sockets, to recharge your electronic devices and stay connected to the outside world.

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Queen Room 89.00 USD

Double or Twin 89.00 USD

Bungalow 108.00 USD

Booking (under construction)